Tempered Ground

Jo Addison   Anat Ben-David   Anna Best & Paul Whitty   David Blandy   Anna Boggon   Cleo Broda   David Cotterrell   Mark Edwards   Alexa de Ferranti   Rose Frain   Chris Jones   Janice Kerbel   Andrea Liggins   Marie-France & Patricia Martin   Maslen & Mehra   Eline McGeorge, Mr & Mrs Ivan Morison   Simeon Nelson   Natacha Nisic   Lyndall Phelps   Claudia Pilsl   Abigail Reynolds and Emma Tod

Museum of Garden History, London

1 July to 31 August 2004


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Tempered Ground

Anat Ben-David video 2004 (work in progress)
photo: Jet


Jo Addison

Jo Addison Wallet 2004


David Blandy

David Blandy Barefoot Lone Pilgrim 2004
site specific performance with Shaolin uniform, portable record player, Gameboy Advance SP and assorted media


David Cotterrell

David Cotterrell Macroscope 2004
virtual 360 degree display


Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards Rotting Apples, Wheatfen Garden 2004


Rose Frain

Rose Frain Flagging up the Black Redstart 2004


Andrea Liggins

Andrea Liggins

Andrea Liggins

Andrea Liggins Garden of Wales 2004
photographs sent from mobile phone


David Cotterrell

Natacha Nisic

Natacha Nisic free of leaves, weeds and other debris 2004


David Cotterrell

Abigail Reynolds

Abigail Reynolds Monument to Darwin's Garden 2004
perspex, glass, magnifying glasses, lights, pins and plants


Marie-France & Patricia Martin

Marie-France & Patricia Martin Unseen by the Gardener 2004
photography : Thierry Bal


Chris Jones

Chris Jones Untitled 2004
cut-out illustrations, glue  40 x 18 x 10 cm


Mr & Mrs Ivan Morison

Mr & Mrs Ivan Morison Red 2004
still from provisionally titled film Colours in Westminster