Repatriating the Ark

Rieko Akatsuka   Holly Antrum   Faye Claridge   Jo Coupe   Tessa Farmer   Andrea Gregson   Tania Kovats   Uriel Orlow   Paulette Phillips   Michael Samuels

Museum of Garden History, London

3 July - 29 October 2006


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Workshop by Holly Autrum

August 2006


Workshop by Holly Autrum   Workshop by Holly Autrum

Workshop by Holly Autrum   Workshop by Holly Autrum



Emotional Floatsam: Christian Nold

16 and 30 September 2006, Museum of Garden History

For each of the workshop, artist Christian Nold took up to eight participants on a walk along the Thames foreshore. The participants were given a Bio Mapping Device to wear. Developed by the artist, the equipment recorded arousal level as well as geographic location. Participants were encouraged to gather objects from their journey and bring these back to the Museum where they would be displayed alongside their emotional ma outlining personal reactions to their 'archaeological' finds.


Emotional Floatsam: Christian Nold   Emotional Floatsam: Christian Nold