Cloud & Vision: William Blake in Lambeth

David Burrows   Brian Catling   Tracy Chevalier   Phil Coy   Polly Gould   Andy Harper   Tim Heath   Jon Newman   Michael Phillips   Manuela Ribadeneira   Annie Whiles and Sarah Woodfine

Museum of Garden History, London

4 July - 4 September 2005


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Installation views





David Burrows

David Burrows Sick Rose 2005
polyethylene foam dimensions variable
courtesy FA projects


Brian Catling

Brian Catling Flea Bowl 2005
glass, resin, paint and metal


Phil Coy

Phil Coy Auto-cue (Jerusalem) 1999


Andy Harper

Andy Harper A Higher Plane 2005
oil paint on semi-circular board, 29" by 58"

Andy Harper

Andy Harper An Orrery for Other Worlds 2005
oil paint on polystyrene sphere, 8" diameter


Annie Whiles

Annie Whiles Rain on the Parade 2005
embroidery on canvas


Sarah Woodfine

Sarah Woodfine Blake's Garden 2005
pencil on paper (work in progress)